A year ago today…

One year ago today, we moved out of our home. We had 2 days warning. You see, ServPro confirmed that the spot on the wall behind the cabinet in the kitchen was black mold, and it had to go. It and the entire 8 ft interior wall along with another 4 ft section of the exterior wall. And in less than 24 hours they started taking it out, all the way down to studs.

The slow leak of some pipe going to the hot water heater had been horribly destructive! The 2×4 studs were GONE in places! Like, nothing left, gone! Incredibly enough, it could’ve been worse. We were so glad it hadn’t harmed much of the floor or even the ceiling.

But we were forced with a choice!

Because the cabinets, and counters, and flooring had been ripped out along that wall… We could either try to redo the kitchen or we could build the kitchen of our dreams!!!

Yep, you know what we did! We built on a 15X10 and made my old galley kitchen into dreamy kitchen with an ISLAND!!! Oh and my lovely 6 ft windows over the sink! (They were the very first thing I went to pick out!) It was tough making decisions in days, when most people plan for months to do a kitchen renovation. I about went crazy because it was rush rush, with no time to plan or do a lot of comparative shopping.

I could bore you with the details… But I won’t! 9 wks later we moved back in. (Another anniversary I won’t ever forget! 9 weeks is a long time to be away during the holidays and all! ) Those first few days I wanted to sleep in that kitchen I loved it so much! 🙂 I STILL can’t get over the transformation! God gave me every little thing I’ve ever ever wanted in a kitchen!

Worst part???? Insurance wouldn’t give us a penny (who thinks they need mold/mildew insurance???!!! Ugh! )
BEST PART????? We paid cash for it.

4 years ago I couldn’t even imagine making the monthly payments on our credit card debt. And because of God giving us fruit of our labor with Scentsy, we have been so blessed!

I’m reminded again and again—- with GOD all things are POSSIBLE!

Huge huge card debt, paid= possible!
Brand new kitchen of my dreams= possible!!
I dare ya: You-fill-in-the-blank= possible!!!

So happy anniversary to the dooms day that EVENTUALLY would turn my ugly, old kitchen into something I’m so proud of! Maybe I’m actually thankful for Dec. 6th after it’s all said and done? I haven’t decided on that yet!

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