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Yesterday was the National Random Acts of Kindness Day!  And I don’t know about you, but we get VERY EXCITED about giving back to someone, stranger or not!  I always involve Luke in it, and that even makes it more enjoyable!!!   I think blessing a stranger can be even more rewarding than someone you know.  But I have to tell you, sometimes, you just HAVE to follow your heart!   Even if it means doing something for someone who will know it was you.

I got the urge the other week to send a scent pak to our umbrella school’s homeschooling secretary.  I just felt like doing it!  They’re like 8 hours from here, so I’ll never meet her,  or get the chance to truly tell her how awesome she is.  So Luke and I picked out a scent-pak and I wrote out a short note that just said, “thanks for all you do to make we homeschooling mommy’s life easier”!  It felt super awesome!!!  And I never imagined I’d get a response, but here is what came in the mail today:


I challenge you to use your business to give back to someone…. either in a random act of kindness or to a supportive friend.  Maybe your business needs to BLESS your SPOUSE every once and a while.  I know that’s when Marcus really got ‘on board’ is when Scentsy started buying him golf clubs and clothes.  LOL

either way, make it a point to give back in some way…..  it’s supposed to be to help others, but you’ll find that you are the one who gets a happy heart when doing it!


And last thing:  involve your children!   We raise kids to only think of themselves and what’s in it for them, and then we WHINE about how selfish adults are.  Hello???  Let’s do our part to help them and train them to give a little more….  

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