6 super tips for building a successful team

Ok, we all get it, don’t we?  Sales are our income for today….. recruiting/sponsoring is our income for a lifetime!

Yes, that’s insanely true, but whomever came up with that awesome quote maybe left out an important fact:

you have to somehow maintain.  

Our teams don’t run well for long on autopilot.  It’s up to us to lead, inspire, mentor, excite, and encourage them.  Routinely!

And before you pass out from the seemingly ENDLESS amount of work ahead of you……  I want you to take a deep breath.  And finish this!

What if you could accomplish all of those hats I just mentioned with just 6 fun ideas, done routinely?  (Sound a little more like something you might sign up for?)

Income in direct-selling businesses like ours doubles, then triples, and quadruples….  how?  just by effectively managing those who are “under” you.

Here’s the 6 Super Tips I recommend, in no particular order:

1) get them together.  even if you aren’t a director yet….  start thinking like one!
1) Social media works well for teams spread out. (idea: group chat, team page, even an ‘event’ for just your team, where you post neat inspirational quotes and let them share ideas!)
2) Online is fine, don’t forget those in your surrounding zip codes.  Once a month, have a coffee date with your growing teams. Or meet at Panera!  Don’t worry with buying food.

2) recognize & reward them I recommend re-investing 5% of your paycheck into your team.
1) Postcards are a cheap & effective way to recognize a job well done!  I get my post cards here.  Send them out to top sellers, new recruits, best spirit on team page, incredible consistency, etc….
2) Business Supplies make a great gift, and it’s something you always have on hand!  Give your hard working consultants 15 samples, or 10-15 brochures!   Don’t over do it, they may not need the entire pack.   But make sure you include a note wishing them good luck as they keep up the fantastic work!
3) Name in lights praise…. I mean, post something on their Facebook or Instagram wall!  Let their friends know how they ROCK!  This recognition is free, fast, and EFFECTIVE because sometimes a pat on the back is the only way someone really know they count or matter.

3) teach them.  It doesn’t mean you have to be a superstar or director!
1) Share. One of the most requested help from my team has been things like, “What does your basket party look like?”  “What goes in your Recruiting Packet” “Do you use Scentsy labels or another kind?” You can teach simply by sharing what you have done.  You don’t have to be a director to lead you team to success!  And by you sharing, it encourages them to share!
2) Enlist help!  You know someone who’s awesome at something in business, ask her to guest speak on your training call, or at your Panera meeting!  I enlist help from books, too!  I LOVE reading and sharing the ideas I find with my team!

4) walk the talk.  no one expects perfection, but they do need to see you trying.  don’t ignore this step.
1) Doesn’t it make you feel proud when someone you admire shares their goals with you?  And if you see them actually putting forth effort, then it lights a fire under you?  OK, so share your goals with you team?  Then follow up with some actions!
2) Grow Yourself. I get that you may not walk the stage to accept an incredible award, or win every trip your company offers!  But walking the talk is about more than public accomplishments.  It’s about growing yourself by learning. When is the last time you read a book?  Or listened to a training call?  Once a week, you should spend at least 2 hrs to GROW YOURSELF.   Whatever weak spot you have, focus on learning how to get out of your deep pit.

5) stay connected.  don’t whine because your team is distant, when you aren’t connected to your upline & mentors.
1) reading your emails
2) watch the news tab
3) listen to company sponsored trainings
4) attend events

6) have more fun.  If you make it fun, they’ll wanna stay.
1) Use stickers on your mailouts.  Those fun “you rock” stickers.
2) Keep things light!  Share your embarrassing moments.  Share funny pictures.  If you have fun, they will!  If they have fun, they’ll stick around!

I hope you have enjoyed these fast 6 tips!  You’re team WILL respond if you are CONSISTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck building a super team!!!! =)

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