3 things successful, home-based business owners do each day

As a Scentsy SuperStar Director… it’s tough balancing personal life with personal business. Then, to top it all off, we have to juggle our personal sales and inspiring our teams. Oh, and what about coaching your hostesses, and helping our newest recruits?

And then JUST as you think you are getting ahead, you realize that your hubby doesn’t have ANY clean underwear! (LOL!)
sad shreik

It’s the life of a business owner.

Tasks run through my head all day.  Send welcome emails.  Mail off Luke’s golf tournament registration.  Balance checkbook.  Reply to emails.  Start promoting this new product.  Feed Gus.  Coach a hostess to her party minimum.  Set up a time to deliver party order.  Make lunch.  Bathtub needs cleaning.  Take vitamins.  Book hotel for next business trip.  Answer fb messages.  Work on fundraisers.  Order business cards.   Eat.  Send off homeschooling paperwork.  Buy tape.   Etc…..

These are just a few things on my mind at any one moment during the day.  You’d have to agree that your head is full of similar tasks pretty much all day, too!

So, what gives?  How can you focus on any one area, when you feel SO behind in ALL of them?

There’s a few ideas that I use to help make a HUGE difference ( besides delegating.  haha).

1) Each morning:  Start with you.  Feed yourself.  Take quiet time to reflect on blessings.  Pray.  Wear lipstick even if you don’t plan to leave the house.  Get dressed even if you don’t plan to leave.  Play peaceful or energizing music as you prepare yourself for the day.

2) Next:  Pick a focus category.  Don’t be all over the place.  If it’s time to tidy up the house.  Do it for AT LEAST an hour.  Give yourself time to completely finish your task.  Then when it’s time to move on, you’ll feel satisfied and successful, ready to pounce on the next category.  Keep yourself committed to the task category, even if its a subcategory like mail outs to team, rather than “just working Scentsy”.   Allow your heart & mind to relish in the feel of a COMPLETED TASK.  Watch the clock, but don’t allow it to rule you.  It’s your aid, helping you stay on track.  DO NOT start a category or subcategory, unless you have ample time to finish the tasks involved.  

—remember, don’t work to work….. work to finish!—-

3) Last thing:  walk away.  Shut down the computer.  Turn off the lights at the desk.  Call it a day.  Write down the top 3 tasks for the next day.  Maybe things that you didn’t have time to get to, or things with deadlines.   The next day, start with those things.  Crossing them off your list will EMPOWER you to get more things done.

So, depending on when you are reading this…..  it may be time to “start with you”, “pick a category”, or “walk away”.  But I challenge you to get into this routine daily for at least 7 days, and see how it feels.


  1. Deborah Diehl says

    This is something I started in Dec. 2015.
    Somedays I get off track and it shows, because I feel I’m getting nothing done and I’m not !!, because there’s just a whole LOT of Unfinished task. Well my Timer just went off. Time to get up, walk & BREATH for 10 Min then taking an hour to do my End of the Year mail outs that I didn’t get finished.

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