2014 Scentsy Reunion

2014 Scentsy Reunion was over-the-top, and I’m 99% sure it was my favorite Reunion/Convention to DATE!  Crazy right?  Cause I’ve been to Denver Convention 2010, Ft Worth 2011, Vegas 2012, Indianapolis 2013, and this year was St. Louis.   But so many things made this year extraordinary for me!

It started with a fun filled Director’s Retreat put on by my fabulous SuperStar Director Lyndsee Bates.  It was 2 days of learning, networking, laughing, sharing, and even some sight-seeing around the city!  What an AMAZING time we all had together!  =)  I even got to train on the subject, “How To Keep Your Team Engaged”.  

Anyway, here’s some highlights of the WONDERFUL TIME I had at the 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion:

  • private Sara Bareilles concert
  • went all the way up in the St. Louis arch!!!
  • trained in front of amazing Directors, Star & SuperStar Directors at the leadership retreat
  • had supper with Orville & Heidi Thompson (owners of Scentsy)
  • commencement luncheon with my special leaders and graduates of the LDU program!
  • called on stage for a fun ‘locker game’ where I won a GORGEOUS watch!
  • got to hang out with my special friends Barbie, and Rachelle, and made even more friends throughout the week!
  • received neat FREE product giveaways!
  • FREE “TRAIN” CONCERT (um, hello, 3rd row center of stage, can it get any better than THAT?!)
  • called on stage to be recognized for 5 yrs in Scentsy!
  • had starbucks twice or 3 times each day (man I miss how convenient it was)
  • seriously great training from consultants in sessions
  • we got to choose which trainings to go to!
  • walked on stage to celebrate our SuperStar Director titles!!!
  • DJ Ravi Drums rocked the Scentsy dance
  • profound training by John O’Leary (what a life changer this was for me!)
  • laughed my head off at funny comedian, actor & author Jim Gaffigan
  • connected and took tons of pics with so many of my sweet scentsy sisters!
  • learned how to be a better consultant, wife, mother, and friend

I could go on & on…. but I’ll stop here!  Point is, I’m forever changed by the speakers and networking and memories made last week.  And all I can think about is how much fun I’m going to have next year at Reunion in Vegas!  

If you have never made the decision to attend reunion,  contact me!  I can give you 25,000 MORE REASONS to go never year!   If you aren’t a consultant currently, contact me to learn how you can sign up and take advantage of these amazing business trips!  Even if you’ve sold Scentsy in the past, and never excelled at it…. contact me, and we can do this together!  I’d LOVE to help you!   Here’s some pictures that go with some of the fun I had last week!  Now, Imagine YOU in each one with me!!!!! 

scentsy had FREE photo booths set up all over the main hall of the convention center!  we had so much fun!!!

Awards night with my sweet friend Rachelle


Cardinal Game with Kitty!

Lunch with silly Amanda!
1017547_10203506521836795_5288671186129237980_nTRAIN CONCERT!!!! I still cannot believe it was FREE and  we had such AWESOME seats!!!!

The watch I won!

10373969_10203498909726497_3175764149855273250_nSome of my directors before our first training session!

Director Retreat Dinner with Orville & Heidi Thompson!

10509591_10203494099246238_3108640852683564402_nLoved hanging out with these amazing Scentsy STARS!!!!  This was our photo from the ARCH TRIP!!!


This is JUST a portion of the amazing memories we capture in photo!  What fun!!!  To see a all of these connect with me on Facebook!

You’re going to want to subscribe to my blog!  I’m going to SHARE some of the amazing training we learned at Reunion in the next few days and weeks!

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